Green Energy – Green Storage

Components from VANEVO enable storing green energy in redox flow batteries – at low costs and ecologically friendly!

How is VANEVO different?

VANEVO has developed a new assembly approach for the key component of redox flow batteries – the stack. VANEVO stacks need less complex parts compared to state of the art stacks, reducing the overall requirements. The assembly process is optimized for automation, allowing for fast stack manufacturing at low costs.

Our approach: Using adhesives instead of compressible sealings.

Due to the elimination of compressible sealings, massive end plates are no longer necessary – resulting in lighter stacks that are easier to handle.

The VANEVO stack: Easier, faster, cheaper.

Stack technologies compared:

State of the Art

  • Numerous, complex parts
  • Tedious assembly
  • Heavy due to massive end plates
  • High costs


  • Less complex parts and and less parts overall
  • Quick and easy to automate
  • No massive end plates
  • Reduced costs

How do redox flow batteries work?

In redox flow batteries, electrical energy is stored in two liquids, the electrolytes.

These electrolytes are stored in tanks. The electrolytes can be charged or discharged by circulation through the stacks.
Redox flow batteries are non-flammable, show a high cycle life, are recyclable and offer the lowest levelized costs of storage.

The advantage of this technology: it is safe, long-lasting, cheap and sustainable.

By the way: redox flow batteries are a proven technology which has been constantly advanced over decades.

Applications of redox flow batteries

The generation of green energy from renewable sources is not continuous but fluctuating.
When there is no wind or no sun, e.g. at night, no electricity from solar or wind can be generated.
For the energy transition towards renewable energies, a continuous and reliable power supply by means of electricity storage is necessary.

Redox flow batteries are perfectly suited as buffer for renewable electricity.

Redox flow batteries can be used in various applications:

  • Buffer for renewables for increased consumption by owner
  • Charging stations for electric cars
  • Peak shaving in industrial applications
  • Grid storage
  • Storage in island grids/micro grids e.g. especially in developing countries

VANEVO – the Team

During his PhD at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) Jan investigated redox flow batteries.
Soon he came up with the question: why is this advantageous technology not really present in the market?
The simple answer: it‘s too expensive!
Approaches and solutions to reduce costs were developed and a patent application was filed.
Together with 3 colleagues and funded by a project grant, the idea to cut down the costs of redox flow batteries was turned into a business idea.

Jannick joined the team and supported the redox flow activities within his bachelor thesis.

Arne, an engineer and experienced CAD designer, became part of the team. The VANEVO GmbH was founded. Purpose of the company: Development and production of components for redox flow batteries.

2019 / 2020
Arne, Jannick and Jan improve the technical approaches and the business model. Another patent application for an improved production approach was filed.

Upcoming: Grow with more employees and setting up serial production!

Dr. Jan grosse Austing

Co-Founder, Electrochemist

  • Domain expert for redox flow batteries and the energy sector. In charge of the electrochemistry and the business development.

Arne grosse Austing

Co-Founder, Engineer

  • CAD designer of stacks and modules. Manufactures the parts for the prototypes on our CNC milling machine. System designer for the serial production of the stacks.

Jannick Helms


  • Keeps the test rigs running and takes care of the prototype assembly. Developer of the control system, the base for our upcoming battery management system.

Working with VANEVO

We hire! For our technical developments and the upcoming market entry we look for support.

If you’re interested in working for a startup and you’d like to push VANEVO forward with your ideas, write us to!

We’re looking forward to your message – whether specific to a job posting or a spontaneous application!


VANEVO significantly expands capacities for innovative energy storage systems


Extended engineering expertise at VANEVO: Christian Sprock


VANEVO welcomes Miriam Tuma to the team!


Uwe Bögershausen becomes part of the VANEVO team


VANEVO warmly welcomes Luisa on board!


  • We are very much delighted that Luisa joined our team on 1st March 2023! Luisa studied environmental engineering, engineering physics and physics and investigated optoelectronic properties of

VANEVO enhances its engineering competences with Manuel Eschbach


Dr Thorben Sieling joins VANEVO!


VANEVO selected to be funded by the highly competitive European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator


  • VANEVO is really proud to announce that we are one of the selected 75 companies that will receive funding from the EIC Accelerator! The EIC Accelerator is one of Europe’s flagship innovation

VANEVO wins the NachhaltigkeitsAward 2022 of the Metropolregion Nordwest!


VANEVO receives grant of the Hightech Inkubator Oldenburg!


Welcome on board: Dr Andreas Linhart!


Bachelor thesis at VANEVO: Ole Müller


  • Ole Müller conducts his bachelor thesis at VANEVO. Ole is studying industrial engineering in Trier and he will investigate capacity loss mechanisms in redox flow batteries.

Additional engineering power: Yago Elbrecht


VANEVO awarded with the Horizon Europe Seal of Excellence


  • The European Innovation Council (EIC) of the European Commission aims to identify and support breakthrough technologies and game changing innovations. VANEVO was awarded with the Seal of Excellence

Welcome Alisa!


  • We are very happy to announce that Alisa joined the VANEVO team! Alisa holds a Bachelor degree in Chemistry and specialized in inorganic chemistry. She will support us in the lab work – we’re looking

Minister of economics of Lower Saxony, Dr Bernd Althusmann, visits VANEVO!


  • We are glad to be able to welcome the minister of economics of Lower Saxony, Dr Bernd Althusmann, to our premises in Oldenburg. During his summer journey he wished to get in touch with actors of

VANEVO is growing: Dr Markus Schwiering


  • Markus becomes part of VANEVO!

Gaurav Gupta just joined VANEVO!


  • VANEVO extends its redox flow expertise.

NBank Capital invests in VANEVO GmbH


  • On Dec. 30th, 2020, VANEVO and NBank Capital have signed an investment agreement.

VANEVO wins the 2nd place of the DurchSTARTER-Award 2020 in the category science spin-off


  • Among 92 applicants, VANEVO managed to win the second place of the DurchSTARTER-Award 2020 in the category science spin-off.